What I do

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  • Provide Healing Touch and Reiki energy sessions for clients of all ages.
  • Provide sessions in the DreamWeaver, a vibroacoustic and sacred geometry healing environment.
  • Facilitate retreats and workshops.
  • Provide distance-healing sessions.
  • Consult on wellness and the healthcare system.
  • Speak and write on energy healing and consciousness.

Treatment Philosophy

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I believe that all healing is self-healing and that some practitioners and practices can initiate and accelerate the healing process. I use Healing Touch and Reiki; hands-on methods of healing that balance and harmonize the energy field, to move the client toward health and wholeness. I also use sound and music, intention, essential oils and intuition. My goal is to facilitate healing in a relaxed, nurturing, safe, loving, and informative environment.

My Background

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  • Many years in the health care field as a practitioner and nurse-midwife.
  • Faculty member at Georgetown University for 10 years.
  • Certified as a practitioner and instructor by Healing Touch International.
  • Long-time student of both East and West spiritual traditions.
  • Co-founder of healing center.
  • Graduate of many trainings in energy medicine and intuition.
  • Presenter at workshops and trainings.

What Does a Session Look Like?

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Part of the session would be spent with us talking to each other. I would like to know the reason for your visit, some health history and what you would like from our time together. Clients have come for many reasons including pain relief, relaxation, blood pressure reduction, help with difficult decisions, fear of labor, pre and post operative healing, headaches, energetic clearing after MRIs and x-rays, abnormal pap smears, cancer, infertility and depression. We might talk about what else could help with the issues you’re concerned about such as medical care or a consultation with your primary health care provider, nutrition, herbs, exercise, books, classes, therapy, and other forms of body therapies or healing work.

Time on the massage table or the DreamWeaver

Then I would begin the energy work portion of the session with you lying, comfortable and fully clothed, on a massage table. I would assess your energy centers and energy field with my hands to see whether the energy is flowing easily or has areas of constriction. Music, crystal bowls and essential oils may be utilized. If you are in the DreamWeaver, you will experience a "musical massage." Usually your eyes are closed and often you will be in a very relaxed state, that dreamy state before sleep. My hands will continually be assessing and clearing your fields, sometimes holding various places on your body and sometimes moving above your body. You may or may not be aware of the movement of energy or where my hands are. At the end of the treatment we will spend a few moments talking about what awarenesses each of us had, what new information we received. I will probably make some further recommendations for home practice, such as daily walking outside or giving yourself foot and leg massages or speaking your truth or resting more, etc. and we will discuss the appropriateness of this kind of energy work for you. The number of sessions is very individual; some clients use the work for a single medical problem or issue and some use it as part of a regular stress reduction or energy balancing program.


What can you expect from the treatment? Many different effects can result from this work. For example, one young man came with complaints of back pain and stated, "My back doesn’t hurt anymore. And I feel so relaxed." Another woman came because she felt numbed out and stated at the end of the treatment, "I feel great--transformed." A client who came for neurological problems in her leg stated after the second treatment, "I have more sensation than I ever have had in this leg. Now it feels connected to me and I can feel my toes... When you put your hands on my head, I feel you at my feet.... It feels very safe here."

Other services

I also offer double sessions with or without another practitioner; phone and distance healings; consultations on health; special sessions for pregnant women; meditation and other stress reduction techniques; and the use of muscle testing, flower essences and essential oils.

Principles of treatment

  • I will be on time to begin and complete the session.
  • You will have my total attention during our sessions.
  • I will provide a safe environment without interruption.
  • I will keep what happens in a session, including records of that session, confidential.
  • I will use Healing Touch or other techniques as appropriate to facilitate your healing process.
  • Your highest good will be my main concern.
  • I will honor and respect you.
  • I will consult with other providers at your request and with your permission.
  • I will refer you to other health care providers and advocate for you as appropriate.
  • I will provide you with information and techniques that you can use at home.

How you can get maximum effectiveness from our time together

  • Come on time for sessions and give 24 hours notice if you cancel the appointment.
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing for sessions.
  • Come prepared with thoughts about what you want from the session.
  • Be an active participant in your care.
  • Be honest with me, sharing what is going on with your life (or condition, etc.) as well as letting me know if something that I am doing is not working for you.
  • Allow some quiet time following the session for integration of the work.
  • Journaling, singing or drawing is helpful.
  • Drink plenty of water that day.
  • Notice any behavioral changes and physical, emotional, mental or spiritual shifts that occur following the session.

Contact me

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For more information or to make an appointment, email me: michaela.donohue@gmail.com. I am now located in Burlingame, CA.